Last Updated
June 2023

About Our Club

SCRC is an Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Charter Club (AMA Charter Number 682). The AMA is the national organization for aero modelers. It provides extensive Club and Member benefits; member and field owner insurance up to $2.5 million, a monthly magazine covering all aspects of model airplane modeling, and an AMA Safety CodeClick here for an AMA application form.

The SCRC members are very willing to help people new to the hobby. Help includes abundant advice on planes, radios, and engines. Building and flying help is also readily available to aid in getting their model airplanes built and flying.

We like to help kids get involved in aviation.  For over 30 years we hosted a contest (with Centre Region Parks and Recreation, and the Optimists') called the "Delta Darts." The contest allowed kids to build a simple airplane kit (called a delta dart) and compete against kids their own age. The object was to see whose plane flies the longest time out of three tries. It was a great time for kids and for us.  Due to the lack of facilities, the contest has not been held for several years.  In its place, several SCRC members hold classes for 3rd and 4th grade kids during the school year where they build and fly the "Delta Darts" models.  Click here to see a description of the class.

History of SCRC

The State College Radio Control (SCRC) club has a long and varied history in the State College area. The club was formed in the late 1950's by several engineers at HRB Singer, now The Raytheon Company. The club at that time was known as SPARC, Science Park Aero Radio Club. SPARC later became SCRC when the membership expanded to include many non HRB R/C enthusiasts.

SPARC Members and Spectators - about 1960
Left to Right: Bill Brown IV, Duane Benton, Al Niessner, Dave Bruce, Tom Collins, Carl Wendler, Mel Waxham, Angi Campanella, Dean Poeth, Bob Olson